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There are several numbers and varieties of cheap vape juice flavors you can now browse and choose from the market. It is head turning and confusing which is which. Which one is the best? Which one tastes uniquely different? Which one worth the savor?

There are so many questions that need answers!

Now, the right solution—and the wise one is to ask for a referral, for a recommendation of ‘adult’ and ‘knowledgeable’ people or someone who possess a broad enough information about the flavors of e-juices and the likes.

Now, if you have no one to ask, to fill your inquiry about it, then you don’t have to worry for we are here and we seize to exist to provide you the answers to the unanswered questions and inquiry you have in heart.

The USA Blend
Well, I love this flavor. It’s the first flavor I ever tasted on and lucky me I got a delicious one. The flavor is musky and bold that will surely ignite and trigger the cowboy in you.

Banana Nut Bread
The flavor can be described as a long lost love now found. It’s as pure and innocent as that. The reviews about the product are as well great and unbelievable considering its simple taste and savor, it clicks to the taste of the mass and ignites the unexplainable feeling of the majority.

Peach Green Tea
This flavor is a must-try! If you’re a beginner then it should be one of your lists, if you’re already a regular, then you can feel me, and if you’re planning to quit and has yet to try this one, then you better try this first before you regret not trying to. It has a haven effect to you making your soul cringe; it relaxes your bones and the mild blend accompanied makes you abstain from the thought of quitting.

Pink Spot
As cute as its name, as sexy as it sounds, this delicious flavor has the hint of raspberry and pineapple and lime all together in just one juice. I assure you’ll never regret trying out this one. And take note, I can guarantee to take your standards as high as your expectation about this product for it won’t disappoint the devil in you.

Black Mamba
Of course, it should not be missing in our list. This flavor has a serious inkling deriving from its cocktail blend. The strong savor of it is a perfect combination of cranberry, blackberry, and citrus. The juice is so good that they only provide too little to nothing vape testers.

The Swagger
If you’re a former tobacco user and you’re missing it, then Swagger is the perfect juice flavor for you. The flavor won’t let you down as you reminisce your past sweet memory of your past indulgement. The smoky and sweet scent, the perfect combination of it is a whole new experience and worth-try flavor for you.

Whatever flavor you prefer, the sexy, the sweet, the bold, the strong, the smoky or the combination of two or more or all is still considered to be a better choice than smoking weed or smoking real cigarettes.